deals6-port usb adapter kit w/ retractable cable for…


What are all the tips? I can't tell what all of them are from the photos, and they're not listed in the description.

ETA: if there's no micro-USB, it's worthless to me. I'm tired of breaking mini-USB to micro-USB adapters.


I've got one and I can't recommend. But yes, one of the tips is micro-usb. I was looking for it but it has been relegated to some sub-sub-junk drawer.

There's obviously the "toast profile" USB, there's like an old proprietary Sony one that connects to Handycams (I really hope that Sony's still not doing a proprietary plug.) But, this is not for your Kindle or anything with a new type proprietary plug.


Kindle doesn't use a proprietary plug; they use micro-USB.


@nb109: My Kindle 3 uses proprietary. Glad they fixed that with Fire.