dealsshaun of the dead [blu-ray]: simon pegg, nick…


I have met people who did not enjoy this movie. I did not befriend them.


How's that for a slice of fried gold?


@zuiquan: then you are a friend of mine.


I do not understand how someone could not love this movie. At the very least find it mildly entertaining!


Come and get it! It's a running buffet!


My friends and i dressed up as shaun and the crew last halloween. It was awesome. I never realized how hard it would be to find a cricket bat in the states!


Simon Pegg and a female actress (she plays the lead) created a TV show called "Spaced". It has Edgar Wright directing (directed Shaun of dead,Hot Fuzz etc.), also Nick Frost started on Spaced, he was a waiter who Simon Pegg thought was very funny.

So if you get Net Flix check out SPACED. They have both seasons.

Another great Zombie comedy film is "Undead" from Austalia, or "The Horde" (not a comedy but Zombie)from France.