dealshp custom fit folio/stand for hp touchpad for $19…


Hold off on buying anything until your touchpad gets past your doorstep!


@gidgaf: Not necessarily. I have the FedEx delivery tracker showing the parcel is in my hometown with delivery scheduled for tomorrow. I think I'll start accessory shopping this evening!


Just an FYI - I saw this deal yesterday. I actually first went to OfficeMax (I always get those 2 confused) and they were out. So was Office Depot. I got the last one at the Best Buy near me, although they wouldn't price match since OD was out of stock. Oh well - $5 difference.

So it may not be quite as easy as just running down to the store and grabbing one. If I remember right, this "sale" goes until the end of the year (aka they are trying to wipe their hands of everything Touchpad and won't be restocking)


It's too bad that every office depot for 50 miles is sold out.


I bought one of these for my Touchpad from HP at a good discount -- but not THIS good. I like the case -- it's not bulky and doubles as a stand. There are two things that I don't like -- there's no magnetic clasp to keep the cover shut and the cover is awkwardly placed when using the Touchstone charger.