dealsjack link's beef jerky peppered mega pack - two…


@tiamat114: To find the deal you posted earlier from the same company, click on:
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If you post more than one deal from the same company in a 24 hour time frame, they stack like that.


@wootnight: I keep forgetting it does that, and I was trying to BBQ some burgers and dogs without burning them (as I seem to set everything on fire) and deal hunting in a time lapse while arguing over a bedroom set with my mother. The server crashed just after I had put this up and submitted an editted title - talk about a lot on my mind!

I need to focus more I think.

What were we talking about?


Sam's club sells the 16oz bag for right about $11, this is about on par with that pricing, and it's delivered to your door!


Thanks, in for 1 and got the $15.57 price!


In for 2...... $28.34 shipped!!


@mrryan34: wth I get $31.16 for 2!
Items (2): $41.54
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Promotion Applied: -$4.15
Subscription Discount: -$6.23
Total Before Tax: $31.16
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
Total: $31.16


u need a Flint Tropics Megabowl in which to serve this megapak...


i think its dead, or the link isn't working for me.


Item(s) Subtotal: $41.54
Shipping & Handling: $7.00
Super Saver Discount: -$7.00
Promotion Applied: -$9.05
Promotion Applied: -$4.15
Total Before Tax: $28.34
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total for This Shipment: $28.34
I cut and paste this from my invoice.