dealsafterfall: insanity - pre-order for $1.00


Too bad it can play on a Mac or iPad! I don't do Windows.


@meggeler: And why do you think this is relevant? Oh... you want people to know you use Macs? Now we know how cool you are!

You are so cool and hip!!



Too bad for you.

I'm in for one.

P.S. I'm not even going to tell you whether I "do mac". I'll keep you pondering.


In for one. I have a terrible, terrible weakness for cheap things--I don't know a thing about this game, but for that price, I'm interested.


I'm doubtful this will reach 10 million pre-orders but I'll give a charity a dollar.


What? This doesn't run on the ERA 1103?? (It's a computer system; you probably never heard of it.)


Guess I'll just have to run it on my tragically unhip mswin machine instead, woe. In for 1.


The game doesn't look too interesting, but its a dollar that I can part with.

Come on guys, pitch $1.


yeah but what if its my dollar that puts them over the top and then nothing goes to charity. I don't know if I could live with that knowing that it was ME that deprived people in need. Now I'm kinda depressed,this game sucks.


@meggeler: Thanks for the heads up, but I haven't played a game on my Mac in ages. It's been all console for a long time. Suppose a dollar may be worth more to someone else, though.

@negativefps: "Oh, look at me, I stick with the crowd and poke fun at the little guy."


In for 3. Where does it say MAC only? From the FAQ:

Afterfall InSanity Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz or better
RAM: 2GB for Windows XP and 3GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7
GRAPHICS: 256 MB, DirectX 9.0c i Shader 3.0 (GeForce 8600GT / ATI equivalent or better)
OS: Windows XP SP 2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

Either way, I am in for the donation.


@norwester: I realize you're just being humorous but in case anyone wondered, even if they hit their mark 10% goes to charity. :)


interesting concept, in for 1


@y0himba: I think he was trying to say "Too bad it CANT'T play on a Mac or iPad". With Mac it's all about the arts and tends, not about grammar.


@jmattoon: Thanks. I was confused. Chalk it up to old age on the Internet :)


Pretty nice game and that's $1 it's interesting maybe i try to buy one copies if they lose money go for charity it be okay for me.


I watched some previevs of this game and it looks nice, but 10 millions pre-orders will be very hard to reach.
Preordered three copies for me and friends.


You will love this game! Play with me ! I send $1 because it's fantastic game!


I need the game! Send 1 $!


I pre-ordered 2 copies for me and my cousin ^^ And it's very rarely that producers donating charity organization - it cost only 1$.


It's only a week until demo version of Afterfall InSanity will be released ;D I've already pre-ordered a one copies - I think this action will be work :D