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...carry the 2 (+ 3) = oh my


Another American icon that isn't even made in this hemisphere anymore (Except the "White Oak" Levi's... $180 pair)

Check out Gusset Jeans. 100% US MADE.

I switched to Gusset jeans a couple a years ago, nothing fancy, just good old fashioned AMERICAN jeans. Extremely high quality, Made in Tennessee.


@djpimpstick Maybe but the denim cotton, actually majority of the denim cotton comes from Pakistan. Even if your pants say "Made in..." Bangladesh, China, India, Sri Lanka, Italy, or USA the actual cotton is from Pakistan.


Still rather buy from a company that employees some US workers.


@aliusa: Cotton is grown in many places in the world, so your blanket statement is incorrect. FWIW, it's a huge crop here in the US, and a lot does get exported, especially to Central American countries.

For apparel to say "Made in the USA", they have to use fabric that is made in the USA too. Otherwise, the manufacturer would have to stipulate "Made in the USA of imported fabric". As an example, read the product description of an Anvil US779 - they can tell you where the cotton is sourced from, but since the fabric is knit in Honduras, they cannot unequivocally just say that the shirt is "made in the USA". OTOH, a company like American Apparel, which knits their own fabric in Los Angeles, CA, can simply state "made in the USA".

I used to buy Levi's, but the quality these days isn't like they used to be. Nowadays, I buy Texas Jeans.
100% Made in the USA Jeans - Texas Jeans


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@aliusa: Like NARFCAKE said, To be 100% made in the US you have to be exactly that. US grown cotton, Woven in the US, cut in the US, sewn in the US.

So when you see "100% Made in the USA" you can buy with confidence.

Small USA jean manufacturers are making jeans the way Levi's used to before they sold out. You immediately notice the higher quality fabric and stitching. IMHO US cotton denim is heavier and softer than the import crap you'll find at the big box and mall stores.

If you've never worn true American jeans, I hope you'll give some a try, not just because they are American, but because they are better.


@djpimpstick: thanks for knowledge. But I've spoken to Pakistani exporters of denim fabric, maybe it was in the raw, unwoven form. Supposedly Pakistani cotton isn't soft but is ideal for denim. Anyway, he way I just relaying what I was told.