dealstechnics rp-dj1205 pro dj stereo headphones (new…


Didn't realize Panasonic had kept the Technics brand alive. We have a 30 year old Technics receiver and turntable that refuse to die! In fact we bought the semi-auto direct drive turntable for its durability vs belt drive when it looked like albums were going the way of the 8-track tape. ;-)


I've never worn these, but I'm leery of this headphones like this where my ear does not go inside the padding. All my old sets had a much larger hole in the padding area and the padding was against my head and not my ear, the only way to truly be comfortable for extended wear.


-3? Really? Sounds like nobody knows about quality DJ headphones. These are the older model but top of the line, and for the price this is a steal. Downvote and go buy some skullcandy, you don't care about sund quality anyways... SMH