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Oh come on, I just bought the one with regular SD and no bluetooth. I hate when a slightly better deal comes up on something that I've owned only a couple months.

How do I justify buying this one when I have one I will only use traveling and haven't even traveled with it yet?


Last time I tried one of these, it was absolute junk. I might as well have scanned with a pencil.

As for me, it just scanned with bad images, if it scanned at all. Awesome concept, but not quite there yet. I don't remember having a display problem that those comments point towards, but I might have just ignored it since I was annoyed so much by the lack of actual scanning getting done.


I have a scanner app on my phone that does this and it only cost $1.99. How is this different?


I purchased one of these for (I think) $100 last year, sans bluetooth.

I liked the idea and it looked so simple.

I returned it after a week trying to use it. I found it to be EXTREMELY inconsistent. I have no doubt that this is user fault, but seeing as we're not machines, I found it difficult manipulating the scanner like one.

This is basically that bright light you see moving perfectly in a copy machine. If you think you can move your arms like that each time you scan a page, this will work for you.

I had a hard time with it. I found it most difficult with books that have deep spines. Unless you are willing to press super hard on the spine to make the book lay as flat as possible, you will not get a good scan. I find that copy machines work faster and more consistently. That's what my scans with this lacked. Consistency.

Just know what you're getting yourself into before you drop the money.

On the plus side, the bluetooth sounds nice :)


@cindihoward: This "should" produce higher quality scans. This is more like a copy machine without the machine part. Your phone uses the camera to produce an image file. Depending on the output quality and resolution capture of your phone, you could possibly use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to be able to pull text and manipulate it. Honestly, this product should, in theory, work better (produce better, more usable results) that your phone with whatever app you are using.

This is my opinion, I do not claim to be an expert on either method. I have owned and used a number of different scanning devices.


I own one sans bluetooth. I had the same problem as noted earlier scanning books you have to flatten the spine. Also the quality of your scans on flat paper is very technique dependent. For it to work well you need a smooth flat surface and to be able to sweep it in a uniform straight line motion.


its funny that cold war spies had devices just like these ... except they worked on film