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i assume this can record to a computer since it doesn't come with a DVR? does anyone have any experience with recording this type of feed to a hard drive?


@ndcouch: You bet, friend. Being an IP cam, you're able to access the video feed from your computer's browser. From there, you can set it up to do motion detection and recording to your HD.(included with the Foscam web interface) To go a step further, you can have a dedicated computer that runs some sort of program to record the video. I have a cheapo $200 computer that uses a free program called ispy ( to do motion detection and recording to a 1TB hard drive. It's nice because it allows me to record cameras that are physically connected to the PC as well as the IP (network) cameras like this Foscam.
The biggest thing is getting it configured correctly to work on your home wireless network and whether or not you wish to be able to view it from off your home network.

Ninja edit bonus: There are also apps that allow you to view and record the video to your mobile device. not recommended if recording a lot, but works in a pinch.


wifi jammers are illegal. except when they're wireless cameras

don't get one of these unless you don't need wifi anywhere near that camera.


thanks for the reply's, its much appreciated. my house was broken into last year, and i've taken a quite a few security measures but have not installed any cameras.

Can anyone confirm that these degrade/block wifi signals? I'm looking to mount it on the outside wall of my man cave to get a good view of the drive way, but i have a gaming PC in my cave and losing signal there is not an option.

I may just have to bite the bullet and go wired