dealslodge 5-piece cast iron cookware set for $71.66


I haven't checked lately, but before purchasing, price out each piece individually to see if this is a good deal. Sometimes it is actually cheaper to buy them piece by piece!


At Amazon:
Set = $74.61 (Prime Eligible)
Individual pieces: (all Prime Eligible)
8-Inch Skillet = 12.99
10 1/4 skillet = 16.99
5 QT Dutch Oven w/lid = 33.54
10-1/2-Inch Round Griddle = 18.99
Total = 82.51

Deal or No Deal = DEAL

Provided you need all the pieces in the set.

(Personally, I am looking for just the 15 in Skillet and 7 QT Dutch Oven)


How do the rest of you clean your cast iron? I think I saw a Good Eats episode where Alton Brown used kosher salt to scrub it out. Tried that and it worked very nicely. The salt scrubs off the burnt on food (mostly) easily and also absorbs any grease.

I've also seen people suggest a ball of tin foil, but I've never tried that.


Good deal, outstanding cookware.

For cleaning, I heat the pan up for a few minutes and run it under hot tap water (cold may crack the iron) while scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. This gets it clean in a few seconds 90% of the time. If there is something stuck to the pan, I put a little of water in the pan and return to the burner, when it starts simmering, brush again and it will get off all of the stubborn pieces. Lastly, dry the pan and apply a small amount of oil with a paper towel to the cooking surface to maintain the season and prevent rust. This brush is HIGHLY recommended:

Yeah, Yeah it's pink, but they last much much longer than the Lodge branded one (I would have to replace the Lodge brush every month or two, my last Cuisinart lasted over a year).