dealsblue diamond almonds- buy one get one…


Their every-day price for a 1# bag of "plain" almonds is pretty good as well!


No charge for standing behind all the old ladies at the checkout counter.


@casey – I have to stand behind your mother? Crap.

My old mum is past 80, a trip to the drugstore or the market is an outing for her. So some asshole in the checkout line is going to mumble about her while she writes a check? She thinks checks are safer than debit cards. … I know.


@da5id: Are you going to tell me that you don't have that pang of "Oh God no...not a check" when standing behind someone paying with a check?

Also, this is a good deal for these things, Kroger had a similar deal running for a while and I just ran out of them. Blue Diamond makes some damn good almonds.


My order just arrived and I did not receive the free cans. What gives??????