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I had one of these and absolutely loved it. It's a single-serve French press. Works great, and no, the coffee doesn't continue to get stronger.

Mine was dropped one time too many and finally developed a crack, but I had it for probably 3 years and used it daily.


BODUM DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS! I had one of these for about a year that got knocked off my desk onto carpet and(somewhat understandably) cracked. When I replaced it with the same thing, the bottom warped after about a month of use and it would not sit flat on a table. When I contacted Bodum about it, they told me that even though it is listed as dishwasher safe, it must be washed on the top rack only (which it always was) and that it should not be washed on high temp or sanitary cycle (may or may not have been washed that kids normallystart the dishwasher). They would not repair or replace messed up part. Decent products but Bad Customer service!


Hey guys--

Be careful of this deal.

I got all the way through and put in my card information, and a message said my card was rejected. So, I went back through a second time, and, using a second card, got "Dear customer Due to a possible card fraud message from our payment partner we can not settle your payment at the moment. Please contact our offices to help resolve the issue."

And, they are only open Mon-Fri


For $10 and F/S how can you go wrong with this? I'm in for one.


This is an excellent way to make coffee on the go. A friend and I each used one in college and grad school; our department had an electric kettle, so we only had to bring our own coffee.

It found further use when I had to move in with a friend who didn't drink coffee in between moves. One of the best ways to make good coffee for one person. It's not as nice as an aeropress, but it's very good, and kills two birds with one stone.

Cleaning isn't super easy, but it isn't hard. The grounds wash out of the metal press more easily than you'd expect. In a pinch, you can do it at a bathroom sink (and since your grounds travel with you, this might be necessary). I was always worried about the fidelity of the silicone(?) rubber gasket at the edges of the press, but it's held up fine for years of semi-frequent use.


@donchka: yeah, be careful of this deal. who would want to do business with a site that has taken appropriate measures to reduce fraud. how audacious of them.


@pinchecat: Audacious? The card was rejected because they pull from Switzerland, not for any other reason! Chase called a little while after this to check if I had attempted to make a purchase from Switzerland, because they knew I was in New York. This sale is supposed to be coming from Bodum USA, so why an international pull? Even the bank said it looked hinky.