dealsmarvel cinematic universe: phase one - avengers…


I'll wait for the combo with digital copy, rather than 3D I can't use. And they can keep The Incredible Hulk.


Let me know when the price drops another hundred bucks.


This is just a pre-order for more than just the movies at this price. You also get a metal brief case you can use to take your lunch to work in. As long as you can wait till September 25 for a lunch box. I may get this somewhere down the road.


From an Amazon "review": "This is the ultimate collection celebrating the greatest film masterpiece of all time."

So... yeah.


Well since I somehow never bought any of these movies, and
have a 3D TV this seems like a good time to pick them up. I could care less about the digital copy since watching anything on a phone or a tablet makes no sense to me because I actually like to see what is going on.


@tumorous: Why would they put "The Shawshank Redemption" in a Marvel Cinematic Universe box?


Here's a video from Youtube showing what the actual briefcase looks like...


@djp519: Or when Phase 3 is out so you dont have to buy 3 of these stupid collector editions....oh wait dvd's are on their way out you say and digital is the way to buy movies now you say.


Is there anyway I could get this on HD DVD instead?


What is that glowing in the box? Is it a dilithium crystal? The all-spark? The AM2? Xenium? Atmosphereum? Element 115? Jethrik? Ah, there we go. It must be a little extra Uru so you can make your own hammer.

BTW, this is a pre-order, doesn't come out until the end of september.