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too bad, I wanted to buy this!




I call shenanigans. I went to Best Buys web site and clicked on a link for a Kingston 32gb microsd card. Below the product it listed the PNY card for $17.99. When you clicked to access it the price jumped to around $80. Rip off

PNY Technologies - 32GB High Speed microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card
335 Reviews
Reg.Price: $79.99
You Save: $62.00


well just let me advertise that when I dont have any I sell SD cards or good links heretofor , I only charge 5.99 ;-/ typical BB BS--in my experience. Would have loved to snag a few for the refurbed Samsung camcorder I got here(WOOT) a couple weeks back-its great...and they actually had it in stock-and a working link----- yeah woot-boo BB btw thanks anyhoo minkins---if anyone sees any good deals on these please post a 4 gig card don't last long in this Sammy--- BTW(I believe I may have had way too much coffee!!!)does anyone have any experience with using the wifi linked sd cards in camcorders ? thanx


This was the BB deal of the day yesterday (10/10). I was able to order one without issue and already have a tracking number for the ship to store order.