dealsea store 50% off on more than 100 games


Just to clarify, this looks like 50% off of most of the direct download PC games. Nothing on xbox / PS3 / anything you need mailed to your house, in case you were hoping for those. Good alternative to the Steam sales for games that Steam doesn't carry.


For comparison, Dead Island is $9.99 on EA store and $6.79 on today's Steam sale.


Booooo origin! Hurraaaaaay BEER!
Never in a million years with EA's drm


Remember that, when Steam prices are better, even if you want to play on Origin for some reason you should be able to get a CD key for your steam copy and activate that on Origin to get access through EA without having to buy through them.

It's also often worth checking in with Amazon on their prices, since some of their downloadable stuff is really just them giving you Steam or Origin keys.


pass until they put up console games