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Isn't that funny. "Extra Cheese" is listed on the toppings list, but doesn't count as "any topping." Many Pizza Hut restaurants now have "premium" toppings and they aren't "any" either.

We used to go for these deals before the restrictions. We never get enough cheese at our local Hut without ordering "extra."


@omnichad: And certain specialty pizzas don't count as "ANY" pizza as well.
Why is this a deal? I thought it was the regular gig for The Hut lately.


This has been going on non-stop for about 3 years. Why is this a "deal" today??


I could care less about the deal. It just makes me smile seeing the old school logo. Long family vacations could be made a little better if I saw this logo on the "next exit" sign.


@djp519: I believe some Huts remove the sign out front at times and then put it out again. Then people driving by think it's a new "deal". Our local Hut does that now and again, even though the $10 carryout has been going on constantly for the past 4 years, and maybe longer.


You would have to pay ME $10 to eat a Pizza Hut pizza!


Good deal but not a fan of Pizza Hut pizza, their pan pizza is way too greasy and their sauce is very sweet.


@djp519: It may have been going on nonstop at your local Pizza Hut, but not at mine. I know because I recently tried to order online and the price came up normal instead of $10. I for one appreciate whenever someone posts that this deal is back.


@nightwolf67: This post is specifically listed as a carryout deal. The deal has come and gone for delivery, but it has been constantly available for carryout. (assuming that since you say online you want delivery, although I may be wrong there)


@zapp brannigan: I guess it's bad to have an opinon here.


@zapp brannigan: It's not bad to have an opinion but when people post stuff like what you did above it is annoying. If you don't like the pizza, don't eat it.


@hackman2007: What did I do? I said it was a good deal but not my cup of tea, my wife loves their food but I dont. I even up voted the deal because it's a good deal.


@zapp brannigan: I was just answering your statement about the "I guess its not ok to have an opinion here".

People downvote those type of comments. I did not however.


@djp519: I'm in Florida and the $10 pizza for carry out has been going on for a few weeks at least. We're now picking up our own pies. We get to see it before we pay for it and it doesn't go for a car ride getting soggy while the driver is making other deliveries. The quality of the pizza seems so much better since we've begun doing this as well.


FWIW, this deal does not run constantly where I live (PA). They usually either limit the number of toppings or the type of pizza for that price (so, last time I ordered one of these, stuffed crust was not an option).

Edit: Well those little... they apparently do NOT mean any pizza. I just tried to order stuffed crust and they wanted to add $2 extra for it!


@lavikinga: I always pick up my own as well. Delivery drivers seem to get confused trying to find my building inside my complex, plus, this way I know it's hot and fresh, and made correctly, and has not been sitting inside one of those keep-warm bags for half an hour.

And yes, this deal unfortunately never includes stuffed crust.


I know someone has already said this, but this isn't a daily deal. Pizza hut has been running this for quite some time


I got the deal in an email from pizza hut this morning.

See the email deal here


been this price for over a year around sacramento.


Grrrr... Gotta down-vote this one. NOT valid at my local Pizza Hut!


@djp519: They don't deliver to my house, so I always start my order by selecting Carry Out. I am 100% positive they did not have this deal in my area a few weeks ago.