dealshp pavilion quad-core desktop w/ 12gb ram & 2tb…


I will take an Intel iCore processor over an AMD anyday. I am saying bad.


Bad deal. You can get a better computer for cheaper custom built through pieces from Newegg that'll outperform this significantly. The AMD A10 APU is a good proc (not so much for overclocking), 12GB of RAM is a marketing ploy. You need no more than 4GB for current stuff. I have 8GB just in case. What matters with RAM with an AMD A10 processor is the RAM's speed. this will no doubt be 1066 RAM. 2TB hdd is nice, but they're like $80 on sale every once in a while. Today through Monday, they'll be cheap for sure. I'd pass.

Another problem: HP. HP has really poor quality control on their products. They tend to not be high quality anyway, and aren't expected to ever last long.

As far as Intel's iCore series goes....AMD's APU's outperform them for cost all day long. You can't get anything intel to outperform an AMD APU for the same price, when you carefully pick the parts. For almost $500, you can definitely get a much better build either AMD or Intel.


Most of the people asking if this is a good deal aren't the type that want to build their own PC nor will they care about AMD vs Intel.

Now, for those folks, is this a good deal?

As for HP quality, this can go either way. As a kitchen computer, we have a refurb'd HP and it has been running daily for for 2 years now. No problems. A couple friends that have purchased new HPs, however, have had them go belly up.


For people that think they can build this themselves for less money aren't adding everything up correctly. The case, Power supply, optical drive, RAM, Motherboard, processor, 2 TB 7200 RPM HD, memory card reader and finally the Operating system will come awfully close to that price. I mean you can use less RAM, steal the OS, skimp on the case- but you are still not considering the time invested - not just building the hardware, but putting on the OS and all the other programs, updates, drivers etc. I love building PC's, but it is definately not for everyone. This is a decent deal going on here. The only negatives are a 300 watt power supply and no HDMI out. If you don't add a video card, (or if you add a very low power one) the power supply is adequate. HDMI out would be really nice in case you wanted to use this as a media center- unfortunately you would have to add this