dealsfree basic beer starter kit with purchase of beer…


Excellent deal! I already have a kit (I'm on my third brew, not counting Mr. Beer), but it'll be good to have the extra plastic tubs. The buckets are not meant to last forever (if there are any scratches, it will harbor bacteria) and should be replaced eventually anyway. At the very least, it will be my back-up set. Half of what you pay will be for consumable grains/hops/yeast anyway.

By the way, Mr Beer made okay beer, but making your own in a more "real" way tastes so much better. (I'm not quite ready to make my own malt, though... baby steps).


Before anybody comments on the seemingly high price for a "free" kit, make sure to read so you'll know that you are getting a free fermenting kit with purchase of a kettle and ingredient kit.