premium subscription for remainder of…


Careful. In the fine print it says enter your zip code to see which teams are blacked out in your area. I'm in Boston and, sure enough, the Red Sox's live games are blocked out. While the Red Sox are bad enough this season that this fact may actually be a selling point, do your research and make sure the team you want to see will be available to you, lest you think you can pick this up just to see your home team games live.


@sirencio: same here, I'm in Texas, so no Rangers or Astros (though the former is the one that really upsets me.) Regardless, 10 bucks isn't too bad.


MLB does have some strange rules about what an "out of market" game is. I think everywhere in the US has at least one blacked-out team. Some areas have more, even if there is no local team.

Like if you are in Las Vegas, you are blacked out from Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, LA Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks and LA Dodgers games.

In Alzeda, MT you are blocked from the Seattle Mariners (over 1,000 miles away). But you can see the Colorado Rockies, who are less than 500 miles away!

But that is how MLB TV always works - not just for this deal.


Just to let every know it is the live coverage that is blocked out of local games. If you watch the game after it has finished you have no problem.


Just spotted one more thing in the fine print; just make sure to cancel in the off-season if you do not want to renew at full price next year...

"Your yearly subscription to MLB.TV or MLB.TV Premium will automatically renew annually on or about March 1 each year at the prior year's regular full yearly price. "


I have the full year package and it was $125. With cable it was $175 and I had to watch which ever broadcast was aired.With, I can watch home broadcasts of my team and jump between innings by watching the games using my ROKU. The blackouts are not an issue if you are a transplant. NY Mets fan living in San Diego.