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Speaking from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about that show (and therefore wouldn't know that this is a TV reference), I would take this as a racial thing (i.e. something along the lines of Tech Support always being folks in India, etc.).

I would think most folks would take it the same way.


@rayray8822: I haven't see the show either and never thought of the India reference, kinda makes me want it more since I worked with Cisco and they outsourced my job to India... 8-)


@rayray8822: Actually, the character it is based on is black (African-British?).


Not going lie, was disappointed to see this isn't the Stephen King version.


OMG wish i'd seen this yesterday. it's already expired. My biggest decision would have been who to give it or my GF...

and for all the people commenting that have never seen the show...the guy depicted is Moss, and he's black. The other guy in a show is white. i dont think theres a single middle-eastern person in the entire series. so.....