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I have such a hard time paying more for shipping than for the item I'm buying.


@scottbails: Agreed.

It's worse on Ebay, where they're only doing it to both rip off Ebay Corp, and trick gullible buyers who don't read the fine print (I guess these guys are hoping to do that, too). No way it's $3.98 to ship.


I've never understood why people do that. I don't feel like I'm somehow paying less when I pay to ship something. In fact, I more often feel like I'm paying less when I get free shipping even when the shipping is clearly included in the cost of the item.


My theory of the $0.99 item with a high shipping is if you return the item, you don't get your shipping back only your 99 cents. ( which would not be worth it because it would cost that to ship it back in the first place )


Just want to clarify that our shipping is always $3.98 for the first item and .99 for each additional item, regardless of the price. If you were to return anything for a refund, the refund would include shipping.


Deez guys is good guys. I've bought many things from them before (lenticulars, 3d, and normal posters).

C'mon -- a mailing tube will cost more than 99 cents to ship.