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Actually, there is no such thing as a "Squirrel-Proof Feeder" if they can't get to the food they'll start shaking the feeder until some comes out, or they break the wire holding it up!

But some of these seem err, nice......


@etfrisco: Actually there is one... The Yankee Flipper. A bit spendy (over $100), but I also get endless entertainment watching squirrels get thrown off the feeder.


Actually, no. That's exactly what etfrisco is talking about. They shake these. Break the wires. Sure, It'll work for a day or so. That's it.
Squirrels rule!


People have to eat too. If you can see them to video tape them, you can shoot them. They are better boiled than fried, it can be tough meat.


@marcusdavidwong: Yep I've got it and it's great!
The Yankee doesn't have a "wire"It's a thick piece of steel similar to a bucket handle.No breaking it.And they can't shake it if they can't stay on it.My other one(different style) is firmly mounted on a pole.No shaking possible.
Maybe where the doubters live they have radioactive super squirrels that can levitate and shoot lasers out their eyes.Where I live we just have the regular ones,easily defeated.


Have always wondered if these actually work. Anyone tried this particular model? Even if it's not 'proof' if it tends to deter squirrels that would be an improvement (I'm watchin' you, squirrels...)


@tattooedbear: Wrong.I've had mine 5 years and it's still squirrel proof.Just accept it.They are rodents,not superbeings.


@tattooedbear: Wrong. Do you own one? If you do a crappy job mounting the feeder, the squirrel will be able to knock feeder to the ground just like any other bird feeder.

If you properly secure the Yankee Flipper, they won't be able to knock it down. It's a well built bird feeder (better be since it cost $120).

If your squirrels are 3 feet+ and can hang from the top, or if they can fly, they might be able to defeat this feeder. In my area (where there are tons of squirrels), they've given up and have gone back to eating from the neighbor's pine trees and THEIR lame-ass bird feeders.


I've had good luck with the type that has a spring-loaded cage that comes down and covers the openings when a squirrel tries to hang on it. But around here the finches spill almost as many seeds as they eat, so the squirrels are well-fed just eating off the ground.


@etfrisco: The problem with a squirrel proof feeder is that if it works, the birds can't get the see either. :-)