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I have one of these. It's awesome, very small on my keychain, and practically bulletproof. I have it on a quick release from Harbor Freight which makes it super convenient so I don't have to hang my entire keychain off of a computer. I certainly prefer this style over the swivel or Lacie's "Key" style, as those have exposed contacts that can be easily damaged.


I have the 16GB version of this. It's very solid, and an extremely cool-looking flash drive, but be warned, these are RIDICULOUSLY slow. The fastest write speeds I've ever gotten out of these (sustained writing speed anyway) is like 4MB/s.

I really love how they look, but I have flash drives from 5 years ago that are faster.


I have several of theses - 16 gb on my keys but majority of the 8 gb ones are on the back of older servers zipped tied on running vmware esxi. Never an issue - these drives are reliable and tough.