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I bought the coupon but when I got there today for the oil change, they were really great. I have never seen an oil change place that measured my tires in two different places for signs of wear and go over my car with me before we went inside. Not pushy, just honest on how the car was doing. They even told me I might want to go back to where I bought my tires since there was some unusual cracking/wear on them to see if they would warranty them out for me (before buying any from Sears).

I decided to upgrade to high-mileage oil since I am pushing 160k miles on my A to B car...ended up striking a deal for the high-mileage oil upgrade, $15 free brake inspection and while the tires were off for the brake inspection they also rotated my tires for free (which would have been another $15, usually)...all for an extra $23. Anyways, this is a good deal for an oil change...Wal-Mart's high-mileage oil change runs around $50.


I bought this and when I got there, the service advisor said filter not included. I showed him my online receipt saying filter included but he said there was no way the system would let him enter that. Ended up paying and extra $2.59 for the oil filter. Also, on Tuesday, I was told Wednesday was their slowest day so go on ahead and bring it in. Got there and was told they were really busy and it would be 2 to 3 hours. It ended up being 4 hours for a simple oil change! The ONLY good thing was that no one tried to upsell me anything. My last oil change experience with them was great (quick/time as promised and no upsell), no so quick this time. I've filled out their survey on and let them know how crappy it was today.


I don't think they know when the offer ends................
Excludes $3 Shop Fee Offer ends 26-Jan-2013


Waited the 2 hours that they promised and then found out they weren't anywhere near STARTING my oil change. Way to go Sears!


@skrutinizr: That's why you decline. They can't force anything on you.


*$3 shop fee will be applied at the store except in CA, IL, MN and PR


How convenient, needed to get one this weekend anyway.


@watonyat: does that mean they pay for the gas? hmm..


@skrutinizr: Can't be any worse than the Jiffy idiots. The one time I let them change my oil some guy showed up in the waiting area with a Mopar air filter and claimed it came off my Ford...


I am just so excited that my oil change comes with free shipping!


The finest 99 cent Chinese oil filter... not a great idea. You can absolutely BANK on the fact that they will corner you with all kinds of "necessary" repairs, whether it needs any or not.


Hmmm. Ends 12/21 same day as the Mayan Apocalypse!


The sears auto center by my house doesn't have it, only the one 40 minutes away. So stupid.


The wife just got back from getting our oil changed. If I'd only known...


If only this price was good for a full synthetic oil change ):


I see it ends 12.21.12...guess you'll at least need basic car maintenance before you start going Road Warrior on the car.

(Other oils and filters available at added cost)