dealsseagate barracuda stbd2000101 2tb 7200 rpm 64mb…


Interestingly, they apply the discount AFTER they apply tax, and you must allow them to put you on their mailing list in order to receive the discount.


@lcadaver: You just need to have account to apply the coupon code. They clearly state right next to the submit buton: "We value your privacy. You won't get any emails from us unless you place an order or sign up for our newsletter." So you are not signing up for their newsletter when entering in your email address.

Also, you are completely wrong with your comment about the taxes. Companies don't receive any revenue from sales-tax so there simply isn't any benefit for them charging more. There are also strict laws regulating when sales-tax is applied. Newegg (along with every other store in the country) are required to charge the sales tax based on the sale price after all reductions are taken. Plain and simple. You should contact Newegg immediately if you have found a glitch.


I typically only stick with Western Digital, but this is a very good deal! Thanks for posting, completely missed Newegg's e-mail too.


@dtfrank821: I've never heard of them before but from reseller rating’s reviews I definitely would spend my money elsewhere. Not to mention that in the product description it says "bulk pack" & since I’m only getting a single drive, I'm willing to bet that they're reselling hard-drives taken from bulk-packs. It is probably illegal, not to mention it'll probably be shipped in some bubble-wrap without the original packaging so you can kiss any manufacturer warranty goodbye.

The $11 extra when buying from newegg is worth it in my opinion. They generally ships same-day, and 3 day shipping is free. Not to mention the peace-of-mind you get when purchasing from a reputable dealer.


@eraten: After entering the promo code, a checkbox appears that says: "A code you entered is exclusive to newsletter subscribers. By checking this box you consent to receive additional deals and promotions through our free e-mail newsletter." If you try to uncheck that box, the page reloads and a red message appears, saying: "There is an issue with promo code EMCYTZT31561. Please check promo code again or contact customer service." The discount disappears and doesn't come back again until you re-check the box.

Not sure why I got so downvoted... I was not bashing Newegg or the deal, in fact I bought one. I'm not sure what happened with the discount, but on my invoice it did apply properly so something must've just displayed strangely during the order.