dealsthinkgeek’s mega deal sale: up to 75% off


@dupedyetagain: I can't attest to the bluetooth version (I know that's probably the more important feature you'd like some input on), but I have the corded version and I love it. I can hear people fine and it rests comfortably on my shoulder just like the good ol' days ;)


I have a hypnocube. It's awesome. If you're on the fence, the $60 one they have is a great deal.


ThinkGeek Mega Deals Sale: Up to 83% off clearance, deals from $1 + $6 s&h ThinkGeek takes up to 83% off over 500 clearance items as part of its Mega Deals Sale. (Although the banner offers up to 75% off, we found greater discounts than this.) Plus spend $80 or more and apply coupon code "ASNEEZE" to bag a Screaming Common Cold Microbe for free. With deals from 50 cents, that's the best discount we've seen on such a large selection of items from ThinkGeek since February, when we saw up to 90% off with stacking coupons. Shipping starts at around $5.95, or get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.


I just ordered $15 worth of stuff, and paid $25 after tax and shipping.
But it's alot of little stupid things.
...instead of one big stupid thing.
so that's better....right?


@tlange413: I just ordered one right before the sale so I got an credit now that its reduced. In regards to the limited app list that is true but if you are jailbroken like me you can use this with emulators as it supports quite a few of them like iMame.


Can anyone comment on the bluetooth retro cellphone handset? I really despite talking on the iphone, and I can't bring myself to get a bluetooth cyborg earpiece.


I was hoping the Sonic screwdriver screwdriver to be on sale again


Why God Why! i just got paid and now im buying $128 of Random Stuff!!! WHY!!!


@drchops: that makes 2 of us i have tried all i know as a novice "no luck".


If you are interested in the iCade Mobile cradle be sure to check the compatible apps list first, the selection of games is seriously weak.


The ONE thing I can't find is the huge thing in the middle of that picture lol.. the "night vision" goggles..


Would totally go for that X Gaming Joystick if I didn't just buy a new computer case last week.


@alfredenigma: Your English teacher just cried a little.


If there shipping charges wheren't so ridiculous i'de be all over this