deals51 in. indoor/outdoor deluxe dog bed lounger for…


@nkastner01: Yep, too bad. It is a flash sale site, things move VERY quickly. By the time this got Popular, it was already in the last 8 hours of its run.

But this is a good example of why these sites are quite wonderful (if you like the finer things in life and don't like paying retail, instead of just looking for "Cheap").


Too bad, I was going to rec this to my Great Dane group. My dane loves his elevated beds. It's hard to find big dog things.


@moondrake: Well, yes, unfortunately Woot wasn't fast enough to make it popular before the sale only had a few hours left...

But here's the brand: Coolaroo: I am sure you can find the product for sale elsewhere, it would just cost a little bit more.

Hope this helps!