dealscraftsman 118-pc plated alloy steel mechanic's…


There seems to be a mistake with the price listed. On, the Craftsman's 118 piece set lists for $50.99 and once you checkout, the price shoots all the way up to $113.99.


Seems like a lot of the Sears deals posted are only good for that one day.


Sears REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad Craftsman are now sold at Ace Hardware for when SUCKY Sears goes belly up!! I guess they don't get that when you keep screwing customers over and over, the customers are going elsewhere.


@rwlubbers: OK, I'll take the Troll bait. You do realize that when Sears goes belly up, the Craftsman brand goes with them and your happy shopping days at Ace then go too? This means that all the lifetime warranties on your hand tools will go away too. I can't imagine that any company that buys the Craftsman name, and someone will, would acept any of the warranty burden with it. Sure Sears sucks, but I for one would prefer they stick around long enough to replace my stuff.


@chrisautrey: Actually, Craftsman is a separate entity and would/will survive away from Sears and will be able to market through other entities. Again, when you abuse customers time and time again, like Sears has, they will go elsewhere. It's really a shame too, Sears USED to be known for outstanding customer service but that has changed over the past three decades. :( And as far as surviving, they're the latest Blockbuster.


Great deal for only $50.99 ($99.99 from ebay) for an alloy steel tool set, but sadly it is out of date.


@rwlubbers: I also find this sad ,but, Sears is not the Sears of old. Kmart Holdings bought them, and like any holding co , is basically bleeding them dry-to the tune of 85% rev losses in the past 10 years. They continue to sell off the smaller brands. Trust me-you don't wanna count on an Eddie Lampert run biz to do anything for consumers-esp. if it gets in the way of lining his pockets on the way out-not sure exactly, but the guy gotta be worth 5 billion and he didn't get it by caring about quality or support for the consumer. Responses to any consumer complaints/concerns are essentially"frak-off" said just a tad more eloquently . Sad indeed-


Seems like I need to inject some business reality here.

KMart and Sears as well as JC Penny were in decline long ago, starting in the 1960s. But more recent events really did them in.

First, none of them adapted well to the changing markets and customer tastes. Sears didn't stop producing catalogs until 1993 and still puts out specialty ones today. Their stores, websites, and marketing fail to draw customers in and keep them coming back.

Second, they're an old brand that hasn't evolved to a newer demographic. The avg age of a Sears shopper is 52, median 55 and JCP is 50.

Third, they're all getting squeezed out. On the higher end, Target is priced a little higher but are better in quality and more stylish, which draws in the younger buyers. On the lower end, they're getting beat by Walmart. Online, there's Target's and Walmart's websites but also Amazon.

Their demise has nothing to do with the holding company but with management just not adapting long ago.