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Link to comments from previous sale through sellout.woot (same price):

vote-for6vote-against's list of Top 10 Portable Grills includes only 2 that aren't gas-fired - this one at #5 and the Weber Smokey Joe Gold (which costs half as much at Amazon, Lowe's, Home Depot and the like) at #8.

Still, looks like a good price for the Cobb, "repeatedly praised as one of the most unique and versatile portable grills on the market."


I bought this on last months woot. I roasted half a chicken in it using mesquite lump coal. It took a good long while to cook the 2.5lb piece of meat, close to 3 hours actually. It was great, but I don't much care to eat my dinner at 9:30 at night. Maybe next time I'll double up on coals, or start sooner. It was my first time cooking with the cobb, so there is definitely a learning curve.
FWIW, there was a 50% off coupon code for ordering accessories from cobb on the last woot. I got a grill plate and a roasting rack for about $15 each. Even that was way overpriced. The grill plate is a simple 2.5mm aluminum disc coated with non stick material and should have been included at no cost. The rack should be priced at $7.00 and include a healthy profit at that price. No way either of them is worth the $25-30 list price.
Also this not a grill that you leave outside 52 weeks a year with old ash in the bottom like the webber. It's a use it, clean it, store it, kind of thing.


Start earlier. Waay earlier.
It's like a lot of things, prep is key.
And like a lot of foodie things, start yesterday.
You want fresh yeastie bread and biscuits for breakfast? You don't get the yeast wet whilst you're starting the bacon!
So, now you know it takes 3 hours. You soak the wood chips for 20 minutes before that. Before you do that- clean, season and marinate the meat. (I do mine in the fridge then night before)
"Extra" charcoal means "extra" heat, you don't want that. The Cobb is designed for a nice slow bake and smoke kinda cooking. Better at 250 than 450. You want that chicken NOW put it in the microwave. Do the Cobb right and it will get you many an undeserved accolade!
And BTW, I clean my Weber right after I use it, too. It's easier when it's still warm.