dealsuss ronald reagan cvn - 76 baseball cap for $2.99


Why would anyone want this? Why would anyone pay $25 in the first place?


because it appears to be a quality-construction cap, and because many people feel that Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th century. Also, many people have relatives who serve on this ship, it's an aircraft carrier with a crew of aprox 5,000


Nice. As no one really noticed that this was posted my "kamikaze ken"!!! Really? Does no one see the irony in this? What is this world coming to? You can try to pass of some sort of subtle patriotic undertone, but you're not fooling me....


ahhhhsooooo, roundeye, you uncover my sneaky prot!


I'm in for two. With shipping a little over $10.

Great way to celebrate his birthday.