dealslimited time movie deals - movies & tv on google…


Link does not lead to any $0.25 deals.


@90mcg112: It is a deal for 25 movies to own, they are on sale. This is different from the apps deal.


Movies are on sale for $2.99 to $9.99


Ahh, thanks for the clarification.


The only $2.99 I see is to rent the movie. The cheapest I can see for purchasing one is at least $4.99 with many of them closer to $9.99! Unfortunately, these are not top notch movies, nor are they really on sale. The only thing Google has done right with this milestone is $.25 apps, those are actually worth looking into. The books and movies, on the other hand, are a joke.


Silent house you can rent on vudu for 99 cents.


If I actually OWN the movie, can I re-sell it? Didn't think so....


@andydoug: Can my grand kids inherit these films? Or is Bruce Willis the only guy worried about that.

It is a good question. My grandfather had some records......oh forget it.They sucked god bless him.I just never liked Benny Goodman.