deals6” tanto knife, horn handle, etched spine…


Deja vu. the small decorative knives are back.


Dunno that I would call these mini-tanto blades "decorative." Having actually bought one and handled it, I'd call it more of a pretty thick small "working" blade. Damascus steel is about 3/16th's thick and delivered sharp. Not shaving sharp, but sharp. Around 6 inches overall. Pics with the mini-tanto, mini-dagger and S-knife below.

Mini-tanto and S-knife against scale

Mini-tanto and mini-dagger

Nice blades for the price. Company responds to email inquiries promptly. Since initial order (which was slow), no complaints. Thought well enough of the knives to make two of them gifts. Currently own four (mini-tanto, S-knife, mini-dagger and mini-sword) for myself.


@mypooka: No working knife unless you want to get cut. A hand guard or tsuba is needed to protect your fingers when your hand gets sweaty.


Like the other comments, I've had very good customer service through this company and resolved my issue ASAP.
I have the dagger and the tanto, both are very nice. I agree that the tanto should have more grip protection because they are so small, but no real biggie (until you hang slips lol)
The first leather case I got would not hold the dagger, which is important for a fixed blade. A replacement was readyto get, free and cat


These knifes are American made and are a steal for the price. I wouldn't call them a working knife, but as a collector of knives, I had to have them. They can take a week to ship for this price for all I care. My order showed up within 2-3 days both times.


@jandegraphics: The seller has removed the made in china label from the description to make this look like a better deal. Now there is nothing to indicate where this knife is made. The only certainty is that it is not made in the USA but it could be packaged here.


The tang on my knife had a large crack in it, not very happy with this knife. (Besides the tiny size)