dealsset of 2 crispy cooker non-stick baking sheets…


anyone ever use one of these?


@machviper9: I bought them to use in my smoker. I cut it down to fit and it worked great. Very easy clean up especially compared to the metal rack. I have not used it in a high temperature setting.


I have these. Work great. I use them for french fries, frozen food that needs to be heated in the oven, etc. Check your time. Things cook a bit faster with these.


I have them, but thought I paid less. Was considering getting another set. After considerable use, the edging tape is coming off. Though I suppose it is not necessary. I use them all the time to brown up cheese toast or chicken nuggets.

Don't bother with other sets that might have the "toaster oven" size. It is more like Easy Bake oven size and useless. It looks like a coaster.

Another suggestion: get a nonstick liner for your oven. More stuff will end up there because it falls through the mesh.

I use a cookie sheet that is flat on one end to get it in and out of the oven. That can be tricky otherwise. The pan slides right under the mesh and gives it support.


Instead of buying this unitasker why not just buy a half sheet baking pan and a standard 12x17 cooling rack ? Same effect and for the same you have a cookie baking setup as well. I've been using this setup for nearly 10 years with great results.


Another trick is to crumple some aluminum foil then open it back up. Let the wrinkles stay in it so air can circulate underneath.


@idontkn1: Me too! I have been doing exactly that for many years.