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the only advantage of quartz heaters is that they make people feed warm without heating the surrounding area. just like the ones 20' up at home depot etc, that said 1500 watts of heater is 1500 watts of heat no matter how you slice it (mostly). I f you want a quartz heater buy a simple one from wallmart, lowes or somewhere similar where you can return it.


forget this.. the amish fireplace is much better. (sarcasm, for those who tend to miss it)


...or don't buy this at all. It's really just one of these types of heaters wrapped in a wooden cabinet:


Bought one a year ago, still working like a champ. My wife is very happy with it. Keeps the basement comfortable, always felt cool before.


I bought this exact heater for the same price from Menards last winter.. Mine died within a couple weeks. took it back and exchanged it for another that is still working.. hit or miss on the quality it would seem. I woulnd't trust it mail order.. Buy it from a box store so you can return it if need be.


My heater (bought from woot last year) quit on my after 3 months early January when we needed it the most.
The LifeSmart has zero customer support and I have given up trying to get the heater working again.