deals50% off two tickets to amc theatres ($24 value…


Cause people will ask here are some more details:

Two tickets to any AMC theater for just $12, a $24 value
See the hottest movies of the year
Tickets shipped to your door
Valid at all AMC locations

Promotional value expires 1/31/2014
Not valid for cash back
Not valid with other offers or promotions
Must be used in one visit
May be purchased as a gift
Valid for 2 AMC Silver Tickets, 1 offer per customer
Tickets have no expiration Date
Valid only for movies 2 weeks after release
Additional charges may apply at box office for IMAX or 3D
Customers will receive an email from White Glove Deals within 24 hours of purchase confirming shipping
Tickets will be mailed to billing address associated with purchase
By purchasing this deal, customers opt in to receive White Glove emails


Problem with this is that I have an AMC theater next to me with tickets that are normally $6 anyway so this isn't any kind of deal getting this. Now if it was an online coupon to amc's website that I could use to buy my tickets then it would be worth it


From the site: "Psst! Share this deal with your friends and get $10 when they buy their tickets!"

If we were really clever, we'd organize so that we do a chain of referrals, each person would get $10 back - $2 total... Except the last person on the chain...


f anyone's interested in chaining it up, post on this random old, empty thread, then send a referral to the person who posts below you:


@freelancer799: Must be nice... about 10$ per ticket near me.


@simplyletgo: The chain thing won't really work like that, it's $10 towards a FUTURE purchase. Not this one.


@sybrwookie: yeah, you're right :-(

still, if you're buying $10 future credit is better than nothing!


@freelancer799: Dude - there's no problem with this deal. It's just that it's not for everyone. A lot of us who don't live in the flyover states have to pay closer to $10 or more per ticket.


@simplyletgo: Oh totally still worth it. Just wanted to make sure people realized it wouldn't make this deal $2.


Promo code FETCHME5 for $5 off. Brings it to $7 for the pair.


Does anyone know if these tickets are valid for theaters that have the dine-in option? The one near me has that and I've been wanting to try it.


Steal, signed up and used the coupon, $7 is a great deal! Sent a referral to my wife, signed her up and got 2 more tickets for $7, and will get a $10 credit, what a great deal!


Keep in mind some of the foot notes:

Valid only for movies 2 weeks after release


So is this only for people in Atlanta? Or will it work everywhere...


I use these tickets a lot. A big disclaimer, "Silver tickets" are not redeemable for "no passes" showings (new release), and are typically valid only after the second weekend of release (i.e. Monday 10 days after release)

Also, these things are normally $6 each every single day where I buy them, and I pay with cash, and I don't have to sign up for anything.


@rusticchasm: So I guess you don't read well :) Look at my first post "Valid at all AMC locations" it also says this on their website.


@gamemasterjd: Or you could inadvertently walk into the wrong theatre...