dealsfree 1 month trial of netflix—use with wii, ps3…


This is their standard month in, month out trial offer, so in what sense is it a deal ?


Oh goody, the Netflix deal is back.


at least make it 2 months for people who were on the fence to try.

also it seems like their DVD turn-around time is slower nowadays.


I wonder if the rampant downvoting will be as bad as the time this was up right after they bungled their price increase announcement.


I am a former Netflix customer and not eligible for a free trial. Oh, well.


this looks exactly the same as the deals over there -------->


Oh Netflix, did you really think we had forgotten?



Shouldn't we get two months, as former disgruntled customers.


I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key.

If I knew for just one second that you would be back here to bother me.

Go on now go! Walk out the door!

Seriously, just leave Quik--Netflix. I dont need you anymore.

I will survive.


Ah, Netflix.

If there's anything good I can say, it's that shirt.woot could learn a thing or two about unpopular moves from you guys.


@taosmath It's actually an incredible deal! Think of how much money Netflix payed Amazoooowwooot to put this here!


Just remember to get a prepaid credit card with only a couple bucks on it- that way when you forget to cancel and they try to charge you for another month it won't go through.


Stupid move on their part.

The ads in general may attract the <1% of the online community that hasn't yet redeemed their free one month trial, but seriously, to sponsor a Woot deal? Find me someone on Woot that hasn't been a Netflix member at some point or at least used their trial (and their friends'..).

I suspect something bigger must be at work between Netflix and Amazon.


@ahuvaz: Had to log in to say that I have never tried Netflix. And I intend to keep it that way!


Get Dead Like Me back on instant viewing and I might cut you some slack, Netflix.


How is this a deal? They've been offering free monthly trial since their fist shipped DVD.


Think the old Arby's Commercial "Where's the Beef!?" Now think of this presented deal, "Where's the Deal!?" Now I know Woot can do better than Hockey Pucks like this....


Bad blood aside, if anyone who hasn't redeemed likes TV shows, Netflix really does have a lot of options, especially if you want to experiment with new shows local cable doesn't offer. The movie selection leaves a bit to be desired, but I won't cancel my streaming thanks to the amount of canceled and current TV shows that are offered that I've not had time to watch otherwise.


Wow a sponsored deal for something you can get from not sure I get this waste of money.

But I've been a customer for years now and I love netflix. Got the kids a roku for their room (wasn't going to pay comcast $10 a month extra for another box) and they are happier than a pig in mud.


While this certainly isn't a "deal" because it's their standard 1 month trial, Netflix IS infact a cool service.

I use teh HECK out of mine. $7.99 a month for TONS of stuff... yes, at times their online selection is lame, but I have watched a TON of things that I wouldn't have normally watched, and it was actually GOOD stuff...

Netflix on the Wii is genius!!! Kiddies LOVE it for their cartoons.


I think that current customers should be rewarded with stuff like this. Had netflix for years, and the only reward from them I've gotten is massive price hikes.


Had to upvote for the simple fact that life is better with Netflix!


@serianni: Thats why i am and intend to stay a former customer.


@jamesbottomtooth: It's funny you should say that because I did a trial of Blockbuster and Netflix KILLED it in turnaround. Maybe it depends on your region!


I'm curious what the recent announcement of 223 mail processing plants being closed is going to do to the turn-around time for Netflix.


"Mommy, it's the Netflix man..." It's nice to know that when our economy was the lowest of the low, Netflix was there to crap in our cornflakes and the apologize when they gave us the spoon....


After the price increase we dropped Netflix and started using Amazon Prime Instant Video. We haven't looked back.


Come back and we'll Double The Price...just for former customers!


@maxsdead: Because them doubling the price for TWO SEPARATE SERVICES is just like PB&J. You should be writing children's books.


Not a deal if it's offered everyday


In for 10! What a deal! :/


NFLX traded at 290 Pre rate hike.

NFLX currently trades at 112.

Glad that strategy worked out for you.


No deals here, whast teh deal? no pun intended #Maybe


Hot damn you people can whine.

At least it's not a scam.

Edit - Although I've only ever used streaming, I'd gladly pay $16/mo for what Netflix gives me, and I say this as someone who has a completely automated system for 'acquiring tv/movies through other means'.

The networks and cable companies are trying to regain control over ALL your content (and money) and you all bitch and whine and it? Netflix TRIES to get more content, but the cost for the content keeps going through the roof.

They're bringing back Arrested Development and airing 2 of their own series as well!

tl;dr - Netflix is doing it right, stop being asshats.


I have been netflix streaming customer for a year, never used the dvd service cuz dvds are ghey. I don't see why everyone is so pissed, I haven't had any price increases or lack of content, they have provided me with exactly what I expected from day 1. I have tried hulu+ and amazon prime streaming but netflix is still better, so stop hating on them.


@jamesbottomtooth: No change for me on that end. I still get mine as quick as ever. This is not a deal however. This is standard for them.


I do not like this company.
I did the free trial last month, which requires you to give them your CC info and agree to be auto billed. I thought I cancelled on the last day because the movies are all old stuff I've seen but was a day late and they charged me the monthly fee. However, they cancel your access immediately even though you have paid for the month. No prorated refund, no using the service you just paid for, no nothing.
I will never use them again.


@colbytitus: Mm, they prorated me when I canceled last year. They even asked when I would like to end service based on how much I wanted refunded.


In this thread: A lot of people with hugely overdeveloped senses of entitlement.

Think Netflix is a rip-off? Fine, find me another streaming service with as many movies & TV shows, commercial-free, for $8/month. Oh, what's that? There isn't one? Netflix is still the cheapest of the legal online sources for movies and TV shows, you say? Amazing!


@bobdobalita: It's not $7.99/mo anymore. They raised the price to $8.55 in November without telling anyone!


If Netflix is paying for this advertising then they need a new VP of marketing.


@teufelaffe: Amen, brother.

These are the same people spent half a million dollars they didn't have to get a communications degree at OPU (Ol' Private U) and expect to start their dream job the Monday after graduation at a six figure salary.


Call the number on the back of your debit card. Cancel it, order a new one and start a new membership using the free 1 month trial. Or get a visa atm card and go to redbox :) heh...


@teufelaffe: Amazon Prime Instant Video has all of the shows and most of the movies we wanted to watch for less than $7 a month. Since my wife is a student, it's actually $50 ($4.15) for the year instead of $80.

Add to that free two-day shipping and $3.99 one-day shipping and we think we're getting a MUCH better deal with Amazon than with Netflix. Amazon continues to sign studios on a regular basis, adding to their library.


@teufelaffe: to the contrary, i think the only folks with an over-developed sense of entitlement were those making the pricing decisions at netflix. you're mixing your concepts there, chief. not agreeing with a price hike (and subsequently "voting with our dollars" by canceling service) has nothing to do with sense of entitlement.


Issues with the business decisions aside, this isn't a deal in the least. This is the standard offer that you can get by going to So basically this deal is just an advertisement, no different than the ads at the side of the webpage. I wish I had more than one downvote to give this...