dealssony pulse wireless stereo headset for $80.00…


anyone own a pair of these? Worth it?


These headsets are seriously one of the best headsets I ever owned. Sound quality is good, the surround sound is amazing for the price. For me, it sits very comfortable on my head and I never had a problem with them whereas my one friend had to get used to them. The life of them sucks, not gonna lie. Their battery life is probably 5 hours and the recharge time isn't that great either, but what I do is I hook up the charge cable to my laptop and charge it as I play. Another point that makes no sense to me is that THEY DON'T COME WITH A CHARGE CABLE. But because you are buying it to use for a ps3, it's the same cable for controllers. Another added note, these have cool on screen icons that let you know how much better is left and what features are turned on. One last thing, these do work for PC =)

These are amazing headsets for the price and I'm willing to argue that for this price, they're even better than the wireless turtle beach headsets. I love mine and never had a problem.


I paid this price for these from Walmart a couple months back. If you online game at all, these are worth it if you do not already have a decent set.

This is what I would like to note: They do not use the bluetooth from the PS3, you have to plug in a large dongle (the size of a typical "standard" USB stick.) This does mean that you can use these with your PC as well for wireless audio. However it seems that they intefere with the bluetooth of my PS3 (2nd Gen Big boy) when directly plugged into the front. This occasionally leads to controller input lag and/or the audio cutting out of the headset entirely for a couple of seconds. This would happen about every 10-15 minutes and made me very upset. To fix this, I have to use a USB extention and place the dongle a good 2-3 feet away from the PS3 and my wireless router to prevent this from occuring. Works great now.

I love the headset BTW, it just has that one quirk that my turn you off. It is comfortable and has decent audio quality.