deals100 pack 4.7gb 16x dvd+r discs for $15.99


Anyone purchase this brand of disks?


Yeah, I used to use this brand, and they always worked well. Don't burn to DVD much anymore, so haven't used recently.


@mjonczak: Around 5 years ago, these were among the best. I don't know if that holds true. But a lot of times when you buy a DVD-R labeled Sony or Memorex or any other brand that doesn't own a plant that actually makes these disks, the good ones were made by Ritek. The Ridata were one of Ritek's better disks.

Sorry to say I can't tell you much about present day, but at least you know it's not an unheard-of brand.


I can't speak to this brand specifically, though for this price i'm willing to take the gamble on 2 stacks (especially since i have free ShopRunner shipping!) i've used something like 50-60 100 stacks of blank DVDs of all kinds of brands, whatever was cheapest at time of purchase, all the way down to about $9/stack back when these guys were a lot cheaper. I've never come across a bad stack, but it probably helps that i purposely don't burn at max speed, perhaps. Either way, i'd say i've had about 15 bad discs in all those blanks, so i suspect these will be just fine for my purposes.


@omnichad: thank you for the information. I had never heard of the brand before.


got 2 with free shoprunner 2 day for $32. not bad.


I've used ridata before and they have never failed for me.
And I love buying from newegg, they are one of the best retailers on the interwebs


$17.19 after tax and free ship


Maxell is probably made by CMC, the conglomerate that makes almost all cheaper DVDs including the ill fated Memowrex. That said they'll probably work just fine but for archiving I prefer Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim AZO but for Giveaways or short term use I wouldn't be afraid of these discs. They could also be maid by Ritek, 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other :)
BTW better discs like AZO Verbs start ~$28 and up so the savings purchasing something like these is pretty nice.


A week or two ago there was Sony brand, same 100 stack for the same price. Unless I need then NOW, I refuse to spend more than $12 per 100 stack of any brand, and no more than $15 for name brand.