dealslego® trundle storage center for $45.48


How weird. Says not available in stores when I've seen this in stores (or maybe it was just in the stores for Christmas?). But I do believe it was $89.95 in the store.


@desynergy: Online items are returnable to target stores that then sell them at a reduced price. That may be what happened. That or it was sold in store at the time.


@slinger311: Really. Can you spammers please stay off of woot? Go bother fatwallet or something.

I noticed that this was sold out ("currently unavailable") on a day or so ago, and I meant to come here to expire the deal but forgot all about it - that is, until I just got the "new comment" email, which reminded me again.

I'm going to expire it now, but I believe anyone who views this will still be able to down-vote the spammer above.