dealsborderlands 2 (pc game) for $39.99 + free shipping


Borderlands is an excellent FPS. I played so much I had to quit to let my index finger heal.

I haven't played Borderlands 2 but a friend tells me it is even better than the first one. $39.99 is the best price I've seen on it.

I'm SO tempted to buy it.

I wonder if I can get a Dr. to give me a cortisone shot in my finger?


@cebooher3: Take the shot, take am advil, or fight through the pain because it's beyond worth it.

Borderlands 2 is just awesome and it improves on the original in every possible way. There is more freedom in how to build your character, a much, much stronger story with fantastic voicing, way more interesting enemies and landscapes... It's utterly amazing and that goes triple if you have gamer friends to play online with, because the co-op is truly a work of art. My girlfriend and I have never been so addicted to anything.