dealspersonalized zippo hand warmer for $32.99 + freeā€¦


@curleysound: The original hand warmer posted is a different product altogether than the one you linked to. The original product (at is 1/4 inch taller and 1/4 inch thicker, warms a full 12 hours longer, has a different finish, comes with two free lines of engraved custom text, AND has free shipping (as opposed to a $10 shipping charge on the product you posted). No comparison, really.


The smaller version is regularly on sale at Amazon for ~$9 ($12.89 now)

@curleysound: lol did you actually look at that link?.. plus $14 shipping for a ~$25 total :) (I was actually going to buy one if shipping was free though.. I've been going to buy one since summer when they were like $8 bucks on Amazon but just kept putting it off, now they're $13 heh)