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Love this! The size is not stated, but I think it's about 3 or 4 inches long. Looks like there are buckyballs on the body. Not sure, but this might be a good place to store your buckyball cube...just sit it on the body.


@gmwhit: I know! I thought those were magnetic balls as well, but I think I read somewhere that they are pieces of metal chain. Can't find it now. Still looks fun, though, and it's marked down a lot.


@notanaardvark: From the web page: "The Posable Magnetic Cat She's got stiff metal whiskers, fancy ball chain fur and 99 posable lives. Pet her when she's good. Love her when she's bad. Powerful bar magnets hold this cat together. There's lots of fun and plenty of artistic interpretation. Many movable and magnetic parts make this kitty the pick of the litter."


@magic cave: Oh yeah, right in front of me. (At least it's fancy chain :-) Thanks for that.