dealsstar wars limited edition tin lunchbox with 2…


If this had an R2-D2 Thermos I'd be in!


@gideonfrost: It may not have an R2-D2 Thermos, but it definitely levitates if you sit cross-legged with your eyes closed and focus intensely on it...


Thanks to Jumbowoot I got these at no cost to me the last time they were on Lunchbox is really cool and my office got a kick out of my tie fighter sugar cookies.


I have a bunch of the Williams Sonpma Star Wars Stuff - including Darth Vader spatula and pancake molds. Top-quality stuff. But times are tough, and I can't afford to waste a third of a sandwich just to make it look like the Millennium Falcon.


@turbizzi: What the hell's an aluminum falcon?


instead of sandwiches.. gingerbread tie fighter


@turbizzi: Ya, uh, you don't throw the extra part away, you just eat it separately.


I've had problems with Daily Steals last month. I bought two "factory recertified" (whatever that means) iPod charger/FM transmitters that came used, missing parts and without boxes or instructions, simply thrown together into an unpadded envelope. Buyer Beware!


AGAIN with the Star Wars lunchbox and sandwich cutters!

Or is this an attempt at a lunchbox and sandwich cutter prequel to simply capitalize on the Star Wars franchise?


Very cool lunch boxes. I also collect them and here is a great site with all the different lunch boxes with pricing information for each one Hopefully it is of some help.