dealsdas model s professional mechanical keyboard for…


For $80 it better type whatever I'm thinking by itself.


@tsfisch: It's a mechanical keyboard, it's far more durable than a rubber dome, and if you type a lot, much more pleasant to use. Your co-workers/roomates/anyone living with you may hate you depending on the switch you have.


If this is anything like the previous woot for DAS Keyboard I would say buyer beware!
Check out the conversation on the forum:

My keyboard was largely fine (i.e. it typed well enough), but it had something inside which was rattling around, a ding in the front face, and the wrong part number. For a "new" component this is a lot of issues, so I returned it.

It turned out this was a third party seller behind woot, and I'm uncertain if this is the same seller. Perhaps someone on staff could tell me if those who buy would be in for the same ride?