dealsapp store - splashtop touchpad for $0.00


I paid for this about a month ago. The interface is a bit wonky, but overall it's a good app to have on the Touchpad. Today's price looks good, too.


@i1patrick: This is not for the touchpad. The HP store still has it listed at $6.99. This is the ipad/pod/phone version...


I paid for this app for my iPad 2 and when it works, it is great. However, I find that often it just doesn't connect for whatever reason. Using the 'cursor' on my iPad for Splashtop can be challenging at times. Also, make sure you don't have a screensaver active on your desktop our that's what you'll get on the iPad through Splashtop. Couldn't figure a way to get out of that one.

For free, though, I would suggest you go through the setup procedure to give the app a try.


@claudicina: I think there's confusion about using the word "TouchPad" as opposed to simply "touchpad."


I have splashtop for android, and its hands down the best app I have ever used. Highly recommended


I have this app on my Touchpad and it is the best app I've had for it. I'm sure it will be awesome on ipad/ipod as well.

@sarisin I've had that problem with the screensaver a couple times as well. I've found that holding ctrl+Esc (pulls up the Start menu) on my Touchpad's popup keyboard works and takes you to your PC screen.


I have been using CrazyRemote for a couple of years and it has been a fantastic app to use. Great options and one of the most stable remote desktop apps I have ever worked with.

But this price cant be beat!


I have this for my HP Touchpad and it sucks. It's not very responsive and scrolling through my computer is so slow and difficult. I also have this for my iPad 2, though, and it works like a charm. Not sure what's up with the Touchpad version, but I'm surprised anybody says it's good. I've even got my Touchpad overclocked, so a slow tablet isn't the problem.

Edit: Wait a second, I have Splashtop remote for my iPad 2 and HP Touchpad. This is Splashtop Touchpad and after clicking on the link, I see it is something completely different and I have no idea what this does. Even after looking at the page, I have no idea what this does or why I'd want it.

Edit2: Ok, now I got it. After going to their website, I see that this is so you can turn your iPhone (Ipod Touch, Ipad) into a Touchpad, like you'd find on a laptop, but complete with keyboard. I can only guess that this is for use when giving presentations in a classroom or auditorium, to work like an "air mouse" + keyboard.


I use this a lot when I am on business trips. It works sluggishly when using 3G, but when on WiFi, it works great. Very responsive.

I have an android phone and an Acer A500, btw. And it works great on both.

I can't say how well it works on Apple products, though.