dealshasbro nerf dart tag swarmfire for $11.24 + freeā€¦


Great deal on the gun. However, the free shipping is for orders of $59 or more. The shipping for just the gun was $9.99 when I put it in my cart. $21 for the gun is still a deal, just not nearly as great of a deal.


If you try their premium service (MAX Shop My Way) Shipping will be free for 90 days on both KMart and Sears sites. Interestingly, the service DOES NOT AUTO RENEW, so trying it does not guarantee a $79 bill.

However, the web page for this has gone to "Not Currently Available". It was far too popular, apparently.


This is a fun weapon... be aware it takes like 6 C batteries so you might spend as much on batteries as you do on Nerf.

Also, check B&M Shopko and Walmart. Both were clearing these out last week for less than $10 in my local area.


Of course they'd remove the funny tag. Funsuckers.