dealstranscend jetflash 64gb high speed flash thumb…


oops...Post deal, THEN order a couple...I did it backwards.

HECK of a deal!


@morriea: of course. that's the only way woot get's their referal fees.


We love ours but the shipping on our three from 1saleaday when we ordered our three was really really slow and hubby was mad because we had to pay shipping three times even though they all came in the same little bubble wrap envelope.


Good price for the size, but no USB 3.0, no care.


Looking at the specs from amazon the Read 19mbps and the Write 7mbps.
Good price for the size but that write speed turns me away from it.

From one comment:

For typical photo files, write speed of the Transcend varies from 6.8MB/s (for 1MB file) to 11.3MB/s (for 5MB file). In contrast, the Sandisk only ranges from 2.0MB/s to 3.5MB/s. That means the Transcend is about 3x faster than the Sandisk! (See my Customer Images for details)

- For very large video files, the Transcend writes at about 7.8MB/s, while the Sandisk only reaches 5.1MB/s. The difference in smaller but still significant.


1saleaday is the worst online merchant ever..... Don't buy folks...



I agree, its like they take all the orders and then they put in an order with China and wait for it to ship. Once they offered Sandisk MicroSD and shipped generics in their place.


I picked up 3 for Christmas gifts. Not too bad of a price - Microcenter has them for $40 -- This one is for $30 with shipping.


I buy from 1saleaday often.......too often
you have to have an account with them to see the flash sales
their shipping averages anywhere from only 3 days to 6 days (business days only weekends do not count)
I have purchased items ranging in price from 5 bucks to 240.00 was my highest
I do believe I will no longer purchase electronics from the site as it is just too much of a gamble.
If you ever receive an item and that item is defective that will lead to your worst experience with them as they do not cover return shipping and it will take over a week to resolve (thats just so you can ship it back and paying for shipping yourself)
1saleaday is also apart of bensoutlet, shadora, dynamite, and one or two more sites. All those sites utilize the same support team which is quite limited staff. They are also very scripted and slow in responses
I still purchase from the site and check it daily but now find myself more cautious and hesitant before clicking add to cart.


@morriea:You do realize that Amazon owns Woot, right??


@mikeybrew: Sure...but I will admit to being curious why you are even asking me.