dealsthe shawshank redemption (blu-ray) (widescreen…


Firefly and Shawshank Redemption posts guarantee up votes. Good call.

Also, if you are a guy and don't watch this movie at every opportunity, you will be fined when I become supreme overlord.


Absolutely hands down the one of the best movies ever made.


Forrest Gump beat this movie for best picture.

There is no justice in this world!!


Amazon has this for $9.84 with free shipping (with Prime or orders over $25), no tax (most places), and no Walmart.

Target has this for $7.99 with free shipping (with orders over $50), an additional 5% off (when you use your RedCard), and no Walmart.


@quantamm: Target will charge you 50 cents for tax. So it's $8.49. Just so you all know.
Then with shipping with orders not over $50.. $11.28 total.


@kylemittskus: If you look at the list of nominees and the winners over the years, timing, however coincidental, is everything. Great movies released early lose to good movies released later, while there's a number of years that could've had multiple winners.