dealsclevercat top entry cat litter box for $25.00


We have a top-entry litter box for our two cats; we got it about two years ago after going through several styles, from the traditional tray to a variety of enclosed types to discourage litter-kicking.

After getting a top-entry style litter box, there was a big decline in the amount of mess--they can't kick litter out of the darn thing anymore! They still track it everywhere, but the mess was reduced by more than half.

This also keeps them from missing the box! That was a problem with shallow, traditional litter boxes.

The kind we have is pretty much a standard plastic tub with a specialized lid. I'm not sure how much we paid for it, or the particular brand, but the basic design is similar.


@thenaturaldogandcat You have the same item listed for cheaper through your Amazon store. Why not link that better deal instead?

The Natural Dog and Cat on Amazon = $34 + free shipping

The Natural Dog and Cat .com = $25 + $12 shipping


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If you live somewhat close to Texas, the discount code should net you a better delivered price than buying through Amazon. Out here in Oregon, the Amazon price is better by about $0.35.

@dave521: I would imagine that they're not promoting the Amazon deal because they have to pay a percentage of those sales to Amazon.


This box is terrific! My cat gradually stands up as he pees, so he always used to spray over the edge. Now it's all contained and my walls stay clean. Well worth the $35-40 I spent 8 yrs ago.


@shireeniebeanie: Now, if there was just some way to get my kitty to stop spending an hour burying her crap. I've thrown a pillow at her to get her to stop in the middle of the night before; like, knock it the (profanity) off, it's buried, good job!


@cleverett: w00t is part of the amazon machine.


I'm not too sure about this, I don't think my cat would jump into this to use her litterbox. How did you all get your cat's trained to use this type of box? It seems like they would be jumping head first into the litter. Please let me know.


@almax00: Yes, I know. What does that have to do with anything?

The original poster was They posted about a sale on their website. Another poster suggested that they should have posted about the price that they sell it for on Amazon, as it was cheaper. I suggested that the reason they didn't is because Amazon takes a percentage of the sale price when you sell via their website (similar to eBay), so by posting the link to their own website instead they would actually make more profit on a sale.

Woot being owned by Amazon has nothing to do with any of this.


I can only imagine that if my cats could cackle with disbelief in my face before relieving themselves on top of and around this thing they would.

seriously. you all must have some rather forgiving and considerate felines. there is no way my little buddies would use this thing as the manufacturer intended. if i could somehow force or coerce them into using it I'd probably sleep with one eye open.