deals12 generic oral b replacement brush heads for $15…


Read carefully before making any purchase. You are buying a "voucher" first not the item listed.

Voucher expires 3 months from purchase.
May not be included with any other offer or deal.
No cash value and no cash back."

"You will be sent an email within 24 hours notifying you that your vouchers are ready to be printed out by you."


@woottj: that doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure it's leftovers from their previous nights item.

They will mail you what you're purchasing...


@cowboydann: I'm not so sure. There is a web site link from yourbestdeals to the selling website much like a shadier version of groupon. The link takes you to a sketchy looking website

Has anyone at woot vetted this seller? Something seems off to me.

[EDIT] @woottj is right this is a groupon like voucher


Retail $120 for 15 give me a break!
Go to ebay and see what the Generic prices are.
Originals retail only $6 each


I bought some generics from BJs Warehouse and while I could get them on, they didn't fit on very smooth and made a racket. I returned them and got some from Amazon.


In my experience with any generic brush head, they last about 1/4th the time and don't clean anywhere close to as good as the real deal.


Here is a comparable link from amazon with pretty horrible reviews, so buyers beware:

Also if you are interested in the generic... add 3 (4pack) to the cart and it comes to 18 dollars shipped for the same amount from amazon rather than the $20 here.


I bought some generic ones (10 pack) from a supermarket in FL, that wasn't necessarily this brand. Every one of the rotators broke on the first use. I wouldn't use anything but the manufacturer brand at this point.


I've tried several brands of generics, too. Bad news, one and all. None of them locked properly onto the handle shaft and kept coming off in use. They lasted one to two weeks each, if that. I think the Oral-B heads are a ripoff, but in comparison I've found generic heads to be even more of a ripoff. I just look for deals on the Oral-B and buy them when I can find the deals.


@bigelowb: Wow, really? And here I was thinking this was a good deal. I bought an 8-pack of Oral-B heads (a two year supply, they far, fairly accurate) and I think it was over $30.

I guess I'll be avoiding these.


Run, don't walk away from this "deal." Rarely are the generics as good on mechanical tooth brushes.

I'm with the poster who found them on ebay. I got 9 REAL ones from ebay for about $12 with free shipping. All lasted the projected time and usage period.

Generics I have bought: Crack, wear out quickly, sometimes don't work at all (you're going to return the whole pack for one, right?) don't clean or rotate as well as the originals, etc.

This is one of those rare times when buying the brand names is WAY worth it.


If only I had read this post! Yep, did the "purchase" and when finished paying by paypal was notified that I had only purchased a "voucher." Supposedly I have to go back to their site in 24 hours and arrange to turn in the voucher (or something) to get the brushes. A dammed pain in the butt. I am going to cancel this transaction through paypal.

Misleading. Plus their web site froze up my computer - twice. Had to reboot. This is a SCAM site.